A presentation about the Great Barrier Reef

Hi, we are Elias and Gesine from class 7.1. Our English teacher Ms. Sacher gave us the task to prepare a presentation about the Great Barrier Reef. „A presentation about the Great Barrier Reef“ weiterlesen

Writing short stories in the advanced course

In the advanced course my students and I read and discussed lots of different short stories on the topic of „National and Cultural Identity“. In the end they wrote some themselves. Please have a look at one very impressive example by Erik Jensen.

the veil of fear

One day at the theater

As we, the advanced course, went to see the adaptation of the novel “The Tortilla Curtain” by T. C. Boyle at BKA-Theater, those were the adjectives my students used to describe the play: “dramatic”, “extraordinary”, “genius”, “fantastic” and “musical like”. All in all, we absolutely enjoyed our trip and would recommend it to other students as well.

Ms. Popescu